COST 261 - cable round robin test



Dear partners in COST 261 - cable round robin test


Initial testing is ended now, and the cables are prepared to be sent out. By the 20th of June, the participating Belgian Labs will have finished also the measurements. And in this way, a first local discussion will take place on the results (and problems?).


  1. Three sets of cables will be sent around:


All cables have 4 twisted pairs and are prepared in this way:

one end is terminated for all 4 pairs, and is the Far End termination

the other end is terminated for 3 pairs, and the 4th one has to be connected to the balun

The balun is provided, and is mounted for your convenience in a small metal box. The box can easily be mounted on the required vertical reference plate, with three screws. Two extra holes are needed in the reference plate, in order to sink the two screws fixing the ring where the screen of the FTP's should be clamped.

In this way, the balun will make good conductive contact with your reference plate, and the screen of the cables is fixed in a proper manner. The 4th pair of the cable is provided with 2 thin pins, mating the 2 output holes of the balun.

In this way, the cable itself and the balun will not be a variable parameter in the tests.


  1. It is understood that a national representative will take care of the national action.
  2. Also, each partner will sent the set to the next lab. The last one will sent the package (cables and balun) back to KHBO in Oostende.

    All results will be sent to KHBO by the deadline, in ASCII format, and possibly also in Excel spread sheet format. The address is:


  3. Time schedule proposed is:

The table is given on the next page

For full addresses - both Email and postal address, it is referred to the member list of COST 261 on the Web Page in York.







Deadline of action

Results sent to KHBO

Package sent to next national partner


National partner - responsible for action

10th July 2000

Technical University of Wroclaw, Jacek Skrzypczynski


31th August 2000

University of Hannover, Heyno Garbe


ter Haseborg




15th October 2000

University of York, Andy Marvin

Marvin, York

Marvin, 2nd Lab Yes


31th October 2000

Research Lab Sweden, Jan Welinder


20th November 2000

Technical University of Budapest, Georgy Varju


31th December 2000

ICMET Craiova, Andrei Marinescu

Marinescu, ICMET

Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest

Polytechnical Institute of Timisoara