COST 261 Workshop, Lille, June 2001

Alternative Methods for Immunity Testing of Cables and Sensors
by J.Catrysse, N.Dedeine, J.Brandt, N.Monteyne

Current Distribution during HV and MV Faults in LV systems
by J.B.M van Waes, A.P.J. van Deursen, F. Provoost, M.J.M. van Riet and J.F.G. Cobben

Plane waves spectrum in reverberating chambers
by M. Cauterman, I. Seignolles, D. Lecointe and J. Ch. Bolomey

Radiated Emission Measurements at Microwave Frequencies
by A.C. Marvin and A. Rowell

Measurement of the Immunity of Digital Electronic Systems using the Re-Radiation Spectrum
by A.C. Marvin, I.D. Flintoft, M.P. Robinson, A.J. Rowell and K Fischer

Laboratory Measurements of the Equivalent Internal Impedance of UIC 60 Type Railway Rail
by Prof. György Varju

Study, Measurement and Mitigation of 50-Hz Magnetic Fields from Substations and other Parts of the Electric Network
by Ener Salinas

Unified Approach in Power Electronics PCB Modelling : The Thin Wire Method (TWM)
by A.Guena and C. Labarre

EMC of Complex and Distributed Building Management Systems
by A. Finney

Field Distributions Within Electromagnetic Field Probes Inserted Into High-Permittivity Dielectrics
by P.S. Excell

Susceptibility of a Transmission Line in Two Reverberation Chambers
by L. Musso, B. Demoulin, F.G. Canavero and V. Berat

Technical Visit of Measurement Facilities in Laboratoire de Radio Propagation et Electronique
by B. Demoulin and P. Degauque

An experimental test for the validation of time domain codes for the analysis of transient field coupling to transmission line networks
by E. Petrache, F. Rachidi, M. Ianoz, J.L. Bermudez, A Rubinstein, M. Paolone, C.A. Nucci, A. Borghetti, J.A. Gutierrez and B Reusser

Electromagnetic characterisation of an X-ray generator system through measurement
by J van der Merwe and A.J.P. van Deursen

Full wave analysis for complex EM interactions inside a  metallic enclosure
by J.P. Estienne and G. Peres

The GEMCAR project:  Preliminary experimental results on a simple test case using an EMP simulator
by A. Rubinstein, D. Pavanello, F. Rachidi, M. Ianoz, M. Rubinstein, B. Reusser, E. Petrache and J.L. Bermudez

Summary - Workshop on EMC Measurement Techniques for Complex and Distributed Systems