1.1. Attendees

Ms. Veronique Beauvois Belgium

Mr. Paolo Bernardi Italy

Prof. Johan Catrysse Belgium

Prof. Sorin Coatu Romania (Observer)

Prof. Paolo Corona Italy

Mr. Pierre Degauque France (Observer)

Dr. Peter Excell United Kingdom

Prof. Heyno Garbe Germany

Prof. Chris Georgopoulos Greece

Prof. Yngve Hammerius Sweden

Mr. Volker Hombach Germany

Prof. Michel Ianoz Switzerland

Dr. Andrei Marinescu Romania

Prof. Andy Marvin United Kingdom (Chairman)

Mr. Maurizio Migliaccio Italy

Ms. Angela Nothofer Germany (Secretary)

Prof. Luis Nuño Spain

Prof. Vesna Roje Croatia

Dr. A. Van Deursen Netherlands

Mr. Jan Welinder Sweden

Prof. Tadeusz Wieckowski Poland

1.2. Apologies

Mr. Christos Capsalis Greece

Mr. José L. Fernandez-Jambrina Spain

Dr. Dragan Poljak Croatia

Mr. van Riet Netherlands

2. Welcome, Introduction, Agenda

Attendees were welcomed, and members introduced. Agenda was accepted.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Workplan for 1999 contains all items agreed in the prior management committee meeting and was used in terms of minutes of that meeting.

4. Matters arising from 3. not covered below

Locations and dates of further meetings will be discussed later.

Short term missions will be discussed under AOB.

Action 4.1 (Andy Marvin): The annual report will be written by Andy Marvin.

5. Current Status of Signatories

All signatory countries are listed on the management committee list on the web page.

6. Project Census Data

Action 6.1 (All): The members will send corrections and further projects to Andy Marvin.

33 projects are listed so far, assigned to a main (24 projects) and an associate (9 projects) list.

7. Classification of Projects for Working Groups

Action 7.1 (All): It was agreed to create a new working group on protection.

The projects listed so far were allocated to the working groups, some of the projects assigned to more than one working group. Number of projects per working group:

WG1 Appropriate description of interference sources and victims 13

WG2 Coupling of complex or distributed systems to interference sources or victims 19

WG3 Derivation of suitable measurement techniques 7

WG4 Protection 5

8. Future Actions of Working Groups

It was agreed to publish the project census to all members and to the project leaders with recommendations for possible co-operations. A contact list will be generated and send to the project leaders.

Action 8.1 (All): The members will send corrections to the project census and further projects as soon as possible.

Action 8.2 (Andy Marvin): Andy Marvin will generate a contact list.

Action 8.3 (WG Chairmen): The chairmen of the working groups will recommend co-operations.

Action 8.4 (Andy Marvin): The project census and recommendations for co-operation will be send to the project leaders.

(no point 9 on the Agenda)

10. Planning of June Workshop and MCM

The next management committee meeting and a workshop will take place on 14th and 15th of June in Oostende. It will be entitled "EMC in Complex and Distributed Systems" and the local organiser and chairman will be Johan Catrysse.

Action 10.1 (Johan Catrysse): Johan Catrysse and Pierre Degauque will generate a call for papers to be published within March.

Action 10.2 (Johan Catrysse, Andy Marvin): The call for papers will be published on the Webpage and distributed by the national delegates.

11. Third MCM of 1999

The third MCM will be in Autumn, further details to be decided at the meeting in June. The members are asked to make suggestions for possible locations.

12. Election of Vice-Chairman

Johan Catrysse was elected as vice-chairman. Paolo Corona will replace Johan Catrysse as chairman of Working group 3.

13. Any Other Business

Short Term Missions:

Action 13.1 (Peter Excell): Peter Excell will contact Dr. Moshe Rousseau (Raffael, Haifa), Mr. Andy Drozd (Andro Consulting), and Mr. Ken Scarkiewicz (ex. USAF, Rome Air Dev. Center, retired) to invite them to the June Workshop.

Peter Excell suggests Round Robins as Framework 5 funded activity.

Webpage, Email:

The minutes of the meetings will appear on the Webpage.

Announcements will be send to the members via email.

It was suggested to add a change log (list of latest changes) to the Webpage.