B1: Title: Modelling of electromagnetic fields - from low frequency to microwave applications. Contact: Ir. Véronique Beauvois. Assoc. WG: 2.

B2 : Title: Study of the electrical disturbances by Narrow Band radiated EM-energy by method of a stripline and current-clamp. Contact: Jan Brandt. Main. WG: 3.

B3 : Title: Risk analysis and subassembly testing in complex systems. Contact: Prof. J. Catrysse. Main. WG: 1.

B4 : Title: Use of ESA-testing in large system evaluation. Contact: Prof. J. Catrysse. Main. WG: 1.

B5 : Title: Use of ESA-testing in large system evaluation. Contact: Prof. J. Catrysse. Assoc. WG: 4.

B6 : Title: WITA (Wiring Implementation Techniques for Automotive).: Contact: Hevrox EMC/Safety Services NV/SA. Assoc. WG: 4.

B7 : Title: Model for the analysis of general multilayered planar structures (Magmas 2). Contact: Guy Vandenbosch et al. Assoc. WG: 1.

CH1 : Title: Electromagnetic fields due to lightning discharges. Main. WG: 1.

CH2 : Title: Field-to-transmission line coupling models. Main. WG: 2.

CH3 : Title: Use of the LV distribution power network for the access to a telecommunication network. Main. WG: 1.

CH4 : Title: Guidelines for EMC Modeling for Automotive Requirements (GEMCAR). Main. WG: 2.

CH5 : Title: EM disturbances on dc power supply lines for long distance fiber optic links. Main WG: 2.

D1 : Title: AutoEMC: EMC simulation for automotive applications. Contact: Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Scholl,BMW. Main. WG: 1 & 2

D2 : Title: High Speed Data Communication on Shielded or Unshielded Twisted Pair Lines. Contact: Prof H Garbe. Main. WG: 2.

D3 : Title: Geometric generalization of Transmission Line Theory to Nonuniform Transmission Line Structures. Contact: Dr. F. Gronwald & Prof. Dr. Juergen. Assoc. WG: 1

D4 : Title: Field coupling into nonuniform multiconductor transmission lines (NMTL). Contacts: H.Haase & Prof. Dr. Juergen. Main. WG: 2.

D5 : Title: Measurement of EMC-relevant parameters of cables and transmission lines. Contacts: Dr. U. Knauff & Prof. Dr. Juergen. Main. WG: 3

D6 : Title: Mode-Stirred Chambers for EMC Measurements. Contacts: Dr. H.-G. Krauthaeuser & Prof. Dr. Juergen Nitsch. Main. WG: 3

D7 : Title: Numerical modelling and simulation of complex technical systems by means of electromagnetic topology and emphasis on the theory of multiconductor transmission lines. Contacts: T. Steinmetz & Prof. Dr. Juergen. Main. WG: 2

D8 : Title: EMI Modelling of Integrated Circuits. Contact: Werner John, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Main. WG : 1

D9 : Title: EMI Characterization of PCB structures. Contact: Werner John. Main.WG : 1

D 10: Title: Design of passive and active filters. Contact: Werner John. Main. WG: 4

D 11: Title: High density package design under EMC constraints. Contact: Werner John. Assoc. WG : 1

GR1 : Title: Study of EMC/EMI Problems in Transmission Line Structures Contact: Prof C Capsalis. Main. WG : 2

GR2 : Title: Study of EMC Emission/Immunity Problems in Optoelectronics Systems. Prof C J Georgopoulos. Main. WG: 1 & 2

HR1 : Title: Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Design. Contact: Vesna Roje. Main. WG : 1


HR2 : Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Biomedical Effects. Contact Borivoj Modlic. Assoc. WG : 4

HR3 : Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Biomedical Effects. Contact Zijad Haznadar. Assoc. WG : 4

I1 : Title: ESD ANALYSIS IN ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS. Contact: Roberto De Leo. Main. WG: 1

I2 : Title: AUTO-EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility Simulation for Automotive applications. Contact: Prof. Flavio Canavero. Main. WG: 1 & 2

I3: Title: "Prediction Models for Electromagnetic Interferences in Airport Environment". Contact: Dr. Renato Cicchetti. Main. WG : 2

I4 : Title: Reference Electromagnetic Field Production and Evaluation. Contact: Prof P Corona. Assoc. WG: 3

PL1 : Title: EMC Analysis between Satellite and Aeronautical Systems. Contact: Mr T Wieckowski. Main. WG: 2

ROM1 : Title: CEREZO - Research concerning low voltage high power ZnO transient suppressors. Contact: Prof. M O Popescu. Assoc. WG: 2 & 4

ROM2 : Title: CECOR - Research concerning EMC characterization of Romanian coaxial cables. Contact: Prof. M O Popescu. Assoc. WG: 2 & 4

ROM3 : Title: TRANDIST - Transient disturbances in Romanian open-air high voltage substations. Contact: Prof. S Coatu. Main. WG: 1

ROM4 : Title: "Ferrite absorber material for wide spectrum electromagnetic waves". Contact: Dr. V Vilceanu. Assoc. WG: 2 & 4

ROM5 : Title: "Passive ferrite core filters for electromagnetic disturbance suppression". Dr. V Vilceanu. Assoc. WG: 2 & 4

ROM6 : Title: Complex system for environment characterization regarding the electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range 3 kHz to 40 GHz. Contact: Dipl. Eng., M. Badic. Main. WG: 1

ROM7 : Title: Electrostatic discharges protection technique (ESD) for telecommunications equipment. Contact: Dipl. Eng., F Neacsu. Main. WG: 1 & 4

ROM8 : Title: Development of testing procedures and methods for telecommunications products related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Contact: Dipl. Eng., M Radulescu. Main. WG: 3

ROM9 : Title: Mitigation of Electromagnetic Pollution generated by HV Electric Power and Traction Equipment. Contact: Dr. A Marinescu. Main. WG: 2

ROM10 : Title: Simulation, Building and Testing of the Anechoic Chambers intended for EMC determination. Contact: Dr. A Marinescu. Assoc. WG3

UK1 : Title: Impulse-Radiating Antenna for EMC Testing. Contact: Prof P Excell. Assoc. WG: 3

UK2 : Title: Hybrid MoM/FDTD Field Computation Method. Contact: Prof P Excell. Main. WG: 2

UK3 : Title: FDTD Electromagnetic Modelling. Contact: Prof P Excell. Assoc. WG: 2

UK4 : Title: Probabilistic Factors in Large-Scale EMC Problems. Contact: Prof P Excell. Main. WG: 1 & 2

UK5 : Title: Electromagnetic Compatibility Aspects of Future Radio-based Mobile Telecommunication Systems. Contact: Mr N G Riley. Main. WG: 1

UK6 : Title: Measurement and Characterisation of Man-made Radio Noise and Interference. Contact: Mr N G Riley. Main. WG: 1 & 3

UK7 : Title: EMC in power electronic drives. Contact: C Christopoulos. Main. WG: 1

UK8 : Title: A new efficient integral equation technique for high frequency electromagnetic coupling in EMC. Contact: Dr A McCowen. Main. WG: 2

UK9 : Title: Intermediate Level Modelling Tools for Electromagnetic Compatibility Design

Contact: Dr J F Dawson. Main. WG: 1

UK10 : Title: Improved Radiated Emissions Prediction\\ for Electromagnetic Compatibility. Contact: Dr J F Dawson. Assoc. WG: 2

UK11 : Title: EMC Aspects of future radio based mobile telecommunication systems. Contact: Prof A C Marvin. Main. WG2