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COST 286 : Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) in Diffused Communications Systems

Research Project Census

We are undertaking a census of research activity within the area of COST 286. The Action divides its activities into two areas described by the working groups below.

Please complete one of the pro-formas for each research project for which you are responsible and email it by attachment to the appropriate Working Group Chairman.

Working Group 1     Simulation and Design
Chairman:                 Prof Christopoulos

The electromagnetic environment in which the diffused communications system operates is complex and dynamic. The EMC performance of the system is determined by the environment which requires characterisation from this viewpoint. On the other side, the communication networks can radiate fields in the environment. These fields must be known in order to estimate the possible disturbance level on other services and to check if they respect the limits adopted for health effects.

The coupling of the interference source/victim ensemble will be evaluated by numerical methods and measurements. The following aspects are of immediate interest.
i)    The susceptibility profiles of different modulation and coding schemes.
ii)   The susceptibility of digital systems to non-conventional radio threats such as ultra-wideband radio.
iii)  The description of emission and susceptibility aspects with reference to high density system integration and compatibility.

Research project census pro-forma for Working Group 1

Working Group 2     Derivation of suitable measurement and design techniques.
Chairman:                 Prof H Garbe

Once the characteristics of the problem are known from the above, suitable measurement techniques can be evolved. The system design aspects will follow. There is also a specific need for near-field measurement techniques suited for PLC. Of increasing importance in the more complex electromagnetic environments found in distributed communications systems are statistical techniques for measurement and evaluation of EMC problems.

Research project census pro-forma for Working Group 2


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Last modified:  21 May 2003