Workshop on 'EMC in Diffused Communication Systems: Current Capabilities and Future Needs' and Second Management Committee Meeting,
Wroclaw 17/18 September 2003

 Photographs from Wroclaw

The theme of the Workshop is to allow each Group to describe their current research work and capabilities which are relevant to our objectives and to identify areas where they feel future work should be done. This will set the scene for a final session where all these ideas are brought together so that we can decide what to do and how. We have to keep in mind that COST is moving on to being a more focussed on co-operative research activity. Joint Technical Actions are now the norm and the first workshop is to identify a tangible work programme.

As this is the first Workshop, we plan to invite participants to present their work verbally. A short paper is also welcome (or just the powerpoint) and these will be put on the website. No paper workshop digest will be made.

The second day of the Workshop is devoted to discussions of what we are going to do in this Action. It is clear now that COST Actions must have some specific foci or projects that people participate in where
possible. The verbal presentations are intended to inform our discussions.

The schedule linked below is provisional and timings may change depending on the number of presentations and the time required to complete formal items in the Management meeting on the second day.

Please let Professor Andy Marvin (email and Professor Jacek Skrzypczynski (email know if you are able to attend the meetings and if you wish to make a presentation.

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