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COST 286: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
in Diffused Communications Systems

Workshops on

'Impact of Communications Technology to EMC' - University of Split, FESB, Split, 12/13 December 2005

'Reporting the Progress of the Joint Technical Actions' - Campus Nord of the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, 14/15 April 2005

'EMC Aspects of Wireless Communications in Transport Systems' - Airbus Deutschland, Hamburg 25/26 November 2004
'Powerline Communications' - Université de Liège (ULg) 25/26 March 2004

'EMC in Diffused Communication Systems: Current Capabilities and Future Needs' -  Wroclaw 17/18 September 2003


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Physical Layer GroupDepartment of ElectronicsUniversity of York.

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Last modified: 31 October 2005