Download Report

The full final report of the project is available for download in Portable Document Format (PDF).  The Adobe Acrobat ReaderTM is required to view the report. It is available at no cost from the Adobe web site for a number of platforms.

Individual Report Sections

Separate PDF files of the main report and appendices are available through the following links:

 Main Report (1 Mb)

 Appendix A - Representative Scenarios (68 Kb)

 Appendix B - Signal Modelling (29 Kb)

 Appendix C - GSM System and Modulation Description (410 Kb)

 Appendix D - Digital Modulation and GMSK (375 Kb)

 Appendix E - Description of Measurements at Waterloo Railway Station (627 Kb)

 Appendix F - Cell Modelling (573 Kb)

 Appendix G - Coupling Of EMI To Cables: Theory And Models (455 Kb)

 Appendix H - Measurement Of RF Coupling To Ethernet Cables (306 Kb)

 Appendix I - Statistics Of EMI On Ethernet Cables Due To Multiple GSM Phones (300 Kb)

 Appendix J - Immunity Testing Of Medical Equipment (155 Kb)

 Appendix K - Radio Sources, Powers And Ensemble Signal Characteristics (122 Kb)

Whole Report In Single Archive

All of these files can also be downloaded together as a single zip or tar archive:

 Whole report as zip file (3.5 Mb)

 Whole report as tar archive (3.5 Mb)